Established in 2016, Just as Juicy is a blog about menopause. Actually, that’s not quite right.

It’s really a blog about perimenopause.

Which is the time before menopause. Because menopause is technically only one day. But you can read more about that here.

Perimenopause however can last up to 15 years. Yes. You read that correctly. 15 YEARS.

What I want for this site is for it to become a place where women – and perhaps some curious men – come to find answers to their menopause and perimenopause questions. I want to create a community for women to come to. Where you can ask your questions in a safe place. A place where no one will judge you or roll their eyes. Where you can get answers and share your feelings, symptoms and concerns.

However, mainly I want it to be a place where we can come together to celebrate the changes our bodies are going through. Yes, menopause and perimenopause can be a time filled with uncertainly and perhaps some fear, and no doubt a lot of frustration and irritation, but I want you (and me) to remember that the female body is pretty incredible.

Where did the name come from I hear you ask? I have my beautiful friend Alisha to thank for that. I was telling her my idea and she started to giggle. When I mentioned I needed a name she said “just as juicy” popped into her head. I loved it. And here we are. Thanks Leashy xx.

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