Readers who follow me on the socials will see that I’ve been complaining lately of not sleeping, having a zillion hot flushes and waking at 3am drenched in sweat. The never-ending Brisbane summer isn’t helping. And our recently almost-four-figures electricity bill means I need to cut back on the air con use.

Which is all my way of saying I freaking love my new Chilly Towel as it’s helping me stay cool on these sweaty, hot-flushy, humid days! 

The Chilly Towel and the Female Blend

Chilly Towel

When the kind people at Chilly Towel asked if I wanted to try their new product I immediately said yes.

The Chilly Towel is the brainchild of Tara Lock, developed following her chemotherapy-induced sweats. She tested over 30 different cooling fabrics before perfecting and launching the Chilly Towel in 2015.

The towel is simple to use – simply wet, wring out, give it a good shake, then drape where needed – my favourite place is around my neck, as I find this most effective in lowering my body temperature. The towel becomes cooler than ambient air when wet, which enables it to maintain a temperature that feels cool to the skin. The fibres retain water, providing cooling relief while staying dry to touch for hours.

When not using, store it in the plastic container the towel is sent to you in. It’s simple to clean – just chuck it in the washing machine.

The Chilly Towel is great for anyone who sweats or struggles with the heat – it’s especially good for women struggling with those pesky hot flushes and night sweats. I have two – one for around my neck, the other usually draped over my legs. It’s also great for people who overheat due to fever, medical conditions, poor circulation, sport and heat stress. It’s good for all ages and men as well as women, and comes in either a pale pink or a pale blue.

Verdict: If you’re struggling with hot flushes or night sweats, or like me, struggle in general with summer, then the Chilly Towel is for you! I love mine.

Important details:

What: Chilly Towel
Where to buy: Online from or stockists listed on the website
Cost: $24.95 each or a double pack for $40 plus shipping

The Chilly Towel and the Female Blend

Oooh look! My pink Chilly Towel matches my pink, sweaty face! #notmycolour

Female Blend – Flower Essences

My beautiful friend, Alisha Lynch – aka Naughty Naturopath Mum – makes a range of blends using Flower Essences. According to Alisha, Flower Essences are an energy medicine, taken via drops in the mouth and are all about moving stuck energy and stuck emotions to make way for a more balanced mind and body.

Yep. I thought it was woo woo too.

Until she gave me a couple of blends (the Help! Blend and the Slow Down Blend) to calm me down when I was diagnosed with melanoma. I was quite desperate and they really worked. Now I’m hooked. I also take the Help! Blend before I fly and it’s fantastic. I’m not a good flyer, which is a bit of a challenge given I fly a fair bit. Note to self: buy more Help! Blend.  

I recently bought a large bottle of the Female Blend (I won’t let her give them to me anymore!), hoping it would help me with my menopause symptoms – you know the ones – grumpy, tired, cranky, moody, overly anxious…

Now I’m not going to say these are the only reason I’ve felt a lot better in recent weeks, as I am also attributing a lot of my improvement to cleaning up my diet and doing more exercise, but I definitely feel more calm and less cranky when I take these drops. I take them twice a day (but I often forget… and I seem to be grumpier those days).

The Female Blend is designed to help women dealing with changes in our cycles and our reproductive hormones, as well as helping us feel more at ease, less moody. The provide an uplifting and restorative energy. Alisha says they are an excellent blend for shifting energy and emotions if your hormones are still all over the place from pregnancy or for pre-menstrual and menopausal changes.

The Female Blend is good for any stage of our lives. Please note these are not suitable for men, however Alisha has also created a Male Blend.

If you’re not sure about the healing power of Flower Essences, just read some of the testimonials on Alisha’s website.

Verdict: If you’re struggling with hormonal changes, then give the Female Blend a try.

Important details:

What: Flower Essences, Female Blend
Where to buy: Online direct from
Cost: 30ml bottle – $19.95; 50ml bottle – $27.95 plus shipping

Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored, but the Chilly Towel was a gift. And while I paid for this bottle of Female Blend, Alisha has kindly gifted me many other blends over the last few years. 

The Chilly Towel and the Female Blend